About this report

Welcome to the &Green Annual Report covering activities from 1 January to 31 December 2022. This report is designed to be accessible whether you have a deep insight into our work or discovering us for the first time. In addition to a comprehensive overview of our activities and expanding investment portfolio, we include information about why we do what we do, our investment approach and our growing network.

The Annual Report 2022 builds on the success of the digitalized version we published for the first time in 2021. A highly visual and interactive experience means readers can jump quickly between different sections to explore deeper detail through layered content.

For example, we have defined words key to understanding &Green’s activities. Hovering over a word that looks like this will show the concept definition. The left-hand menu provides support as a constant overview and enables full Report navigation.

A special focus in this years’ Report is the concept of transformational change and how we expect this transformation to look. &Green was created to drive transformational change across core global supply chains, and which is why we have thus chosen it as an underlying theme for the 2022 Report to make it easier for the reader to make a somewhat abstract concept clearer.

&Green’s financial and impact performance is captured in the 2022 Annual Impact KPIs (Section 11) and the 2022 Annual Financial Report (Section 13).

We are excited to present how &Green is bringing its purpose to life, creating transformational change while remaining committed to the highest levels of reporting transparency.

&Green's Purpose

We have a vision of people thriving on a sustainable planet. 

&Green was created within this context to finance the transformation of global commodity supply chains so that they can have positive climate and biodiversity impacts while still delivering on growth targets.

2022 Highlights

Letter from the Board


On the back of new investors in 2021, &Green closed and disbursed on four transactions within a 12-month period demonstrating we are building strong market interest, and we now have the systems and people in place to allocate funding effectively.


Chairperson of the &Green Board of Directors

Below you can read about the &Green investment strategy of &Green and how we expand our portfolio of investments. If you wish to skip this part, you can directly jump to The Portfolio section by clicking on the button below.

The &Green Approach



Volume and quality of forest and/or potential of the jurisdiction hold substantial importance on a global scale.



Jurisdiction has a clear strategy with targets to track deforestation reduction against historical trends.



Jurisdiction’s strategy shows timely progress towards milestones on the path to achieving deforestation reduction targets.



Jurisdiction has transparent monitoring, measuring, reporting, and verifying deforestation reduction systems. Forest and peat degradation systems where applicable.



Jurisdiction demonstrates progress implementing the Cancun Agreement .

Equatorial Guinea Central African Republic Ghana Tocantins, Brazil Mexico Roraima, Brazil Malaysia Cameroon Ivory Coast DR of the Congo Paraguay Republic of Congo Laos Zambia Vietnam Liberia Gabon Peru Para, Brazil Colombia Indonesia Ecuador