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This Annual Report covers the activities of &Green that took place during the period 1 January to 31 December 2021. That said, it also covers more general themes such as the &Green investment approach and why we do what we do. The report is thus accessible for all readers, whether you have a detailed knowledge of &Green or this report is the first thing you are reading about us.

This 2021 Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the &Green universe, from our focused investment strategy, through our increasing portfolio of investments, up to our growing set of contributors and partners.

Compared to previous Annual Reports published since &Green’s establishment (2018, 2019, 2020), this year we wished to give a more visual and interactive experience to our readers. The digitalized Annual Report allows one to easily jump to different sections and the content has been layered to provide more detailed information if needed. A menu has been added on the left side to help navigate through the Report.

&Green’s financial and impact performance have been quantitively summarized in the 2021 Annual Impact Report and the 2021 Annual Financial Report, which can be found on chapter 12 and 13, respectively. These two documents can be downloaded as separate PDFs and provide the ‘hard figures’ behind which the narrative of the Report should always stand.

Lastly, we have defined those words that we feel are key to understanding the nature and scope of &Green’s activities; They look like this . All the defined words have been gathered in the ‘&Green Vocabulary’ chapter at the end of this Report (chapter 14).

With this Annual Report, we hope to demonstrate how &Green is bringing its purpose to life, while remaining committed to the highest levels of transparency in reporting and communicating on our progress.

&Green's Purpose

In order to create and then maintain a truly sustainable planet that allows its people to thrive, the world needs to reach its global climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation goals, while still being able to deliver on the growing demand for commodities.

Within that context, &Green supports the transformation of global supply chains by de-linking them from deforestation and producing a positive climate impact. &Green provides the financing to commodity businesses that are inclusive, sustainable and deforestation-free, and are commercially viable and replicable.

2021 Highlights

Letter from the Board

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Chairperson of the &Green Board of Directors

We will look back on 2021 as a year of achievements which had fundamental long-term impact on &Green’s success.

We closed an investment from a leading global impact investor, FMO, the Dutch development bank. Through FMO we received additional funding from a leading climate change donor, the UK government. We expanded our geographic reach to Colombia and, early in the year, we made a strategic investment by financing the second-largest meatpacker globally in Brazil to set highly ambitious and impactful targets on becoming a fully traceable and a deforestation -free actor.

Here below you will read about the investment strategy of &Green, that is, how we expand our portfolio of investments. If you wish to skip this part, you can directly jump to The Portfolio section by clicking on the button below.

The &Green Approach



The amount and quality of forest and/or peatland potential of the jurisdiction is significant and highly relevant from global perspective.



There is a clear strategy with the targets tracking the reduction of deforestation against historic trends in the jurisdiction.



Timely progress towards milestones indicated in the strategy of the jurisdiction, on a trajectory towards the targets for reducing deforestation.



A transparent system is operational to monitor, measure, report and verify reductions in deforestation, and where relevant forest and peat degradation, in the jurisdiction.



The jurisdiction shows progress towards implementation of the Cancun Agreement.

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