Marfrig Global Foods S.A. (Marfrig) is a Brazilian multinational corporation in the animal protein industry. It procures cattle from approximately 30,000 direct suppliers and up to 90,000 indirect suppliers, primarily operating in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes.

&Green’s financing will support Marfrig implement a comprehensive no- deforestation throughout its supply chain in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes. This policy will apply to all tiers of farms associated with Marfrig, ensuring that the entire lifecycle of the cows, from birth to slaughter, is free from deforestation.

&Green and Marfrig have established specific milestones and targets for full traceability and zero deforestation in their supply chain. The loan structure includes incentives for expedited progress, potentially resulting in lower interest rates.

Marfrig Global Foods S.A. (Marfrig)
Mato Grosso, Brazil
E&S Risk Category
&Green Investment
USD 30 Million
Investment Term
10 years
Financial Structure
&Green provided a USD 30 Million loan, disbursed in Q1 2021. The loan carries a 10-year tenor and aims to be a catalyst for the company to issue more green debt in the markets over the coming years.


*Equity calculated on a controlling basis

&Green chose to support Marfrig to create momentum for sustainable and inclusive production models in Brazil, particularly in the cattle ranching sector, which is identified as the main driver of deforestation and habitat loss due to forest conversion to pastureland.

&Green’s investment supports Marfrig’s pioneering commitment to trace and monitor indirect suppliers, addressing deforestation caused by cattle ranching in Brazil. Marfrig’s commitment to trace and monitor both direct and indirect suppliers in Brazil’s fragmented and informal cattle sector serves as a potential proof of concept for the meat industry’s application of no-deforestation criteria in the supply chain.

Marfrig’s commitment extends beyond supply chain management. By establishing an inclusive and sustainable cattle supply chain, they aim to protect over 1 Million hectares of forest and restore natural forest in key areas. Cattle suppliers will benefit from market access and the sharing of best practices. Marfrig also commits to pastureland restoration on smallholder farms. &Green emphasizes the importance of including all producers to ensure deforestation-free compliance and transform business practices.


Enhancement of procedures and policies for indirect suppliers

Last year, Marfrig developed a screening protocol for suppliers in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes, which will be externally verified in 2023. The tracking and geomonitoring processes and systems now allow to monitor 100% of its direct suppliers in the Amazon biome. This means that all of the farms with which Marfrig maintains commercial relations have adopted sustainable production practices, and are in areas that are free of deforestation.

These monitoring and management practices are expanding across the entire supply chain, including the indirect suppliers, the most challenging and impactful part of the supply chain of the sector. Marfrig’s monitoring protocol has now identified 72% of its indirect suppliers located in the Amazon biome, and 71% in the Cerrado (Brazilian savanna). The most critical areas (at high and very high risk of deforestation) are already fully monitored in both biomes.

Suppliers Network Map

Marfrig developed a comprehensive tool called Direct and Indirect Supplier Network Map. The map aims to visualize and assess the connections between livestock farmers and direct suppliers of Marfrig, to measure how many indirect suppliers maintain links with the farms that supply Marfrig directly, as well as to see the status of these relationships. The Map counts on several databases and information, including the Socio-environmental Risk Map (identifies high-risk areas and engage suppliers to gather annual information about their cattle sources), the Marfrig Registration process (socio-environmental analyses of supplier properties, compliance checks and eventual support of regularization), the Conecta monitoring tool (utilizes blockchain technology to track production and socio-environmental compliance in the supply chain), the Livestock Breeder’s Portal as well as Visipec (the cattle production monitoring tool that is expected to become a complementary indirect supply chain data checking support).

Marfrig Green+ program progress

By the end of 2022, more than 2,500 farms were reinstated as suppliers by demonstrating their firm commitment to the principle of inclusion.

Among the several results that this initiative has attained since it was launched three years ago, the highlight of 2022 is the reinclusion of more than three thousand farms into the supplier base, after they returned to operate in accordance with the company’s socio-environmental commitments. The reinclusion of farmers was possible thanks to the technical support of the Marfrig Club program team and to legal advice. Marfrig encourages farmers to adopt good practices and assists them with pending environmental, labor, and documentation issues, which enables them to meet the company’s criteria. As part of the reinclusion, Marfrig carried out environmental diagnoses for farmers in the Amazon and prepared, together with them, an action plan to restore vegetation on the farms.

The partnership established between Marfrig and &Green has enabled important advances in the development of more sustainable and low-emission livestock farming. In 2022, with this partnership, we achieved robust results in inclusion, traceability and low carbon agendas.


Director of Sustainability and Communication, Marfrig

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