The LEAP approach – &Green alignment

THE LEAP APPROACH - &GREEN ALIGNMENT In the Scoping phase, preceding the actual LEAP Approach, Financial Institutions are recommended to assess the nature of their business, flag ‘entry points’ for nature-related impacts, and assess at what level those impacts can be analyzed and disclosed. &Green is a relatively small fund with a clear vision on [...] Read more »

TNFD Content Index Table – 2022

TNFD CONTENT INDEX TABLE TNFD FRAMEWORK BETA 0.4 &GREEN REPORT 2022 GOVERNANCE Disclose the organisation’s governance around nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks and opportunities. The Advisory Board defines the lending guidelines and approves all Jurisdictions in which the Fund is able to invest. The Advisory Board reviews and approves the policies, including those related to the [...] Read more »


REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE &Green invests in projects that approach land management from a regenerative agriculture perspective. Regenerative agriculture broadly refers to the adoption of production practices that, among other benefits, improve water and air quality, enhance ecosystem biodiversity, produce nutrient-dense food, and store carbon to help mitigate the effects of climate change. This aligns well with [...] Read more »

Detailed ECL numbers 2022

DETAILED ECL NUMBERS 2021 USD OPENING ADDITIONAL INVESTMENT INTEREST INCOME INTEREST RECEIVED PROVISION FOR IMPAIRMENT REPAYMENT/ CONVERSION CLOSING RLU 20,186,321 - 1,329,745 -1,554,875 3,331,309 -23,292,500 - RONCADOR 10,088,447 - 302,725 -299,097 7,313 - 10,099,388 DSNG 30,135,135 - 1,825,000 -1,825,000 40,949 - 30,176,084 MARFRIG 31,002,484 - 1,520,834 -1,520,833 -18,531 - 30,983,954 HSJ - 4,754,358 566,175 -269,728 [...] Read more »


About PT HILTON DUTA LESTARI PT Hilton Duta Lestari (HDL) is an ambitious palm oil venture in the northern part of West Kalimantan, Indonesia. HDL owns and manages two adjacent blocks, which include 5,388 hectares of mature palm oil plantation. In 2022, &Green and HDL concluded a USD 12 Million, 8-year senior secured loan. Supported [...] Read more »


About FS FS is the first Brazilian plant to produce ethanol exclusively from corn. In addition to ethanol, FS also uses cutting edge technology to manufacture animal nutrition, corn oil and electricity products. In May 2022, &Green and FS concluded an 8-year loan of USD 30 Million to support the company improve the traceability of [...] Read more »


About MERCON Mercon Coffee Group is a vertically integrated, global coffee supplier committed to delivering high-quality coffee while promoting sustainable livelihoods in coffee-growing communities. &Green supports Mercon Coffee Group with an 8-year, USD 20 Million credit facility to promote forest protection in sustainable coffee supply chains. This initiative aims to enhance livelihood opportunities for smallholder [...] Read more »


Forest and Biodiversity Framework To ensure and demonstrate that our investments lead to measurable net positive forest and biodiversity outcomes over time, &Green uses its proprietary Forest & Biodiversity Framework (The F&B Framework). The F&B Framework embeds the IFC Performance Standard 6 – which covers how biodiversity should not be negatively impacted by investments – [...] Read more »

Investment Thesis – 2022

TROPICAL GEOGRAPHIESCOMMODITY VALUE CHAINSPRIVATE SECTOR ACTORSINNOVATORSBLUEPRINTS&GREEN TRANSACTIONSSECTOR IMPACTSCALABLE IMPACTTROPICAL GEOGRAPHIES TROPICAL REGIONS WITH HIGH RISK OF DEFORESTATION Important commodity production – palm oil, soy, cattle, coffee, rubber for example – in tropical forest regions is often extractive. Extractive production often leads to deforestation, and tropical deforestation is responsible for 20-25% of global emissions and major [...] Read more »

Theory of Change

THEORY OF CHANGE (TOC) &Green works across tropical forest landscapes… Inputs Capital Expertise Partnerships …to support commodity businesses… Outputs Building Investment Blueprints Mobilizing Private Capital …that empower communities, protect forests and optimize production… Outcomes Inclusive Supply Chains Sustainable Land Use Commercial Goals …to drive transformational change of global supply chains. Vision Tropical agricultural commodity production [...] Read more »

Investment Thesis

TROPICAL GEOGRAPHIESCOMMODITY VALUE CHAINSPRIVATE SECTOR ACTORSINNOVATORSBLUEPRINTS&GREEN TRANSACTIONSSECTOR IMPACTSCALABLE IMPACTTROPICAL GEOGRAPHIES TROPICAL GEOGRAPHIES WITH HIGH RISK OF DEFORESTATION Ecosystem change is driven by a complex combination of different factors, environmental, regulatory, economic and/or social, depending on the commodity. &Green analyses drivers of deforestation and within the identified commodity value chains the factors that lead to deforestation, [...] Read more »


ABOUT RLU *Investment Redeemed in 3Q 2023 after change of shareholder control and &Green’s consent &Green’s inaugural investment in early 2019 was to support the Indonesian business PT Royal Lestari Utama (RLU). Established in 2015 as a joint venture between the tire producer Michelin and the Indonesian industrial conglomerate Barito Pacific Group, RLU set out [...] Read more »


About DSNG &Green’s maiden investment in the palm oil sector was concluded with PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk (DSNG) in April 2020. The investment established a 10-year partnership with a top tier Indonesian palm oil company with a strong commitment to sustainable and inclusive production of palm oil. Anchoring this partnership is DSNG’s public commitment [...] Read more »


About RONCADOR &Green announced its first Brazilian and cattle sector transaction in June 2020. Agropecuária Roncador Ltda (Roncador) is a cattle and soy farmer operating on a farm of approximately 150,000 hectares in the State of Mato Grosso in Brazil. &Green has financed Roncador for the upscaling of its sustainable farming system that integrates crops [...] Read more »


About Marfrig Marfrig Global Foods S.A. (Marfrig) is a Brazilian multinational corporation in the animal protein industry. It procures cattle from approximately 30,000 direct suppliers and up to 90,000 indirect suppliers, primarily operating in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes. &Green’s financing will support Marfrig implement a comprehensive no- deforestation throughout its supply chain in the [...] Read more »


About HSJ Hacienda San Jose (HSJ) is an innovative cattle business that cultivates and disseminates superior genetics and beef production in the Vichada region of the eastern Colombian plains. On 31 December 2021, &Green and HSJ concluded a COP 30 Billion (approximately USD 7.7 Million at the time of execution) 12-year long-term senior secured loan [...] Read more »

Annual Impact KPIs

KPI REPORTING KPIs 2022 DSNG RONCADOR MARFRIG HSJ FS HDL TOTAL Forest Protected (ha) 10,693 63,465 2,774,229 1,697 779,292 721 3,630,097 Climate Benefits (tCO2e) 46,323 -56,800* 5,328,493 10,466 1,300,559 544 6,629,585 Ecosystems with Improved Resilience (ha) 86,951 121,957 2,774,229 6,057 783,331 6,109 3,778,633 People with Increased Resilience (#) 19,171 429 5,761 885 931 27,170 54,347 [...] Read more »
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