Purchase and Control Criteria


Purchase-and-control criteria are a key pillar of the Marfrig approach towards traceability and ultimately no deforestation claims.

They represent the eligibility conditions applied by Marfrig to cattle producers who wish to sell their cattle directly or indirectly to the meatpacker. After mapping the origin of all the cattle they purchase – direct and the indirect suppliers of their supply chain (i.e. achieving traceability) – Marfrig must extend eligibility conditions on the indirect suppliers (selling to direct suppliers of Marfrig), and apply control measures to verify compliance. Marfrig’s purchase-and-control criteria for indirect suppliers located in the Amazon were developed in 2021, and included, amongst others, conditions related to: compliance to the legal requirements, no deforestation after a 2020 cut-off date, no invasion of protected areas and indigenous people area, no forced labor. Before finalizing them, Marfrig consulted with relevant expert stakeholders, including WWF, The Nature Conservancy and Amigos da Terras. Marfrig will finalize this approach for the Cerrado in 2022, including consultations with relevant stakeholders.

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